harnessed plans of hosting

Harnessed plans of hosting

We have harnessed all our infrastructure of hosting Windows and hosting Linux, including great improvements in all our services.

Improvements in security:

  • Protection against attacks improved
  • New and more powerful filter anti malware
  • New policy of encriptada connection FTP and smtp

Improvements in yield:

  • We increase to the limits of memory and resources of all our servers
  • New and more efficient configuration of breaks for a speed of load superior

New products:

  • We wear for the first time our new plans of hosting Windows: Corporative, with great space in disc, IP, data bases SQL limitless Server and MySQL dedicated including, support SAP Crystal Reports and certificate SSL Thawte gratuitous WebServer with validation full company, between its main characteristics. It knows our Hosting plans here Corporative Windows.

Certificate SSL free:

These great improvements are part of our constant commitment to give a service of hosting of high confiablidad, developed for the growth of their business.