new features 2018

New features 2018

In IroHanido we wished great a 2018 for all our clients.

This new year we have recharged ourselves of great new features:

New Control Panel: From now on our plans of hosting Standard Windows and hosting Windows Companies will count on unique SolidCP as and new Control Panel; a realised change in order to maintain the stability and security of our infrastructure, allowing at the same time to give an intuitive administration of hosting and without errors.

Update of Servers: We have improved the infrastructure of our servers with Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012, improving its system of storage, virtual physical memory/and upgrade of the processor, between some of these updates.

New Plans Extreme: We have worn for the first time our new plans of hosting Extreme Windows, designed to give a service of hosting with the most recent technology of Microsoft, as ASP.NET 4,7, ASP.NET Core (5), MVC 6, SQL Server 2016 and lodged in powerful servers with Windows Server 2016. All this administered with Control Panel Plesk in Spanish and including certificate SSL free for all the lodged domains that the contracted plan allows.

Servers VPS: We are designing our new plans of servers VPS, under our infrastructure cloud, with administration including and lodged in robust servers with great characteristics. This product will be worn for the first time in January 2018.

Certificates SSL Symantec: We are implementing a new improvement in our supply of certificates SSL, including a Symantec to our ample certificate range SSL. This product will be worn for the first time in January 2018.

Our commitment is to give to day to day a better service of hosting, of the hand with the new technologies of the industry, focusing us in the stability and security of all our services.