Microsoft SQL server management studio

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

All our plans of Hosting Windows include remote access SQL, which will allow him to connect remotely to its data base SQL Server through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is integrated surroundings to obtain access, to form, to control, to administer and to develop all the components of SQL Server. SQL Server Management Studio combines an ample group of graphical tools with a series of enriched publishers of script who allow to developer and administrators of all the levels to obtain access to SQL Server. The software developers obtain a familiar experience and the database administrators an only complete tool that combines graphical tools easy to use with enriched functions of script.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio can unload here from the website of Microsoft or clicking.

In order to know all our plans hosting Windows enters the following connections:

Hosting Standard Windows (1GB to 5GB)

Hosting Windows Companies (8GB to 12GB)

Hosting Premium Windows (16GB to 20GB)

Semi Dedicados Windows (25GB to 35GB)