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Hosting WordPress with LiteSpeed I broke

We have harnessed all our plans of Hosting WordPress with LiteSpeed Plugin Cache for WordPress.

LiteSpeed Cache is a solution of cache concerning servant, highly personalizable and designed so that the site developed in WordPress loaded much more fast, obtaining well-known differences in the days of load, something of critical importance for the positioning of its website.

LiteSpeed Cache is integrated in all our plans of Hosting WordPress, without additional cost, since all our plans are based on LiteSpeed WebServer.

Have its does website in another one hosting?

There is no problem, we we realised the migration without additional cost nor interruptions.


It knows our plans Hosting WordPress in the following connection:


New Hosting WordPress

We present our new plans of hosting WordPress, in servers cloud, with hardware and software optimized to execute WordPress.

Our plans of hosting WordPress are supported in servers cloud with Litespeed Web server and CloudLinux, with optimizations of greater yield than hosting standard, necessary to execute WordPress with the technical benefits that this it requires.

Our plans include cPanel, a powerful Control Panel, where in addition it will be able of an easy form and intuituva, to install, to update or to eliminate its site in WordPress.

In IroHanido we monitored pro actively our service of hosting WordPress, to detect any threat or vulnerability, maintaining the security, trustworthiness and yield of the service.

Our plans of hosting WordPress include Patchman, powerful tool that malware detects and eliminates automatically or any other threat or attempt of attack.

Additionally incluímos a certificate SSL free, pre installed in anyone of our plans of hosting WordPress, to use its website with encriptado “https” and to offer major confidence and security to its users or clients.

It knows our new plans hosting WordPress in the following connection: