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Safe Hosting recommendations

The security of its website also depends on you. In IroHanido we counted on powerful measures and software of security, in all our infrastructure, to protect his data before any incident or malicious access, those that we reinforced and we increased constantly. In order to maintain this security it is very important that you follow the following indications:

  • It never sends confidential information through social networks. It only uses our platform of tickets, since this way, its information will travel with a high level of protected coding and with our policies of security.
  • It modifies its passwords by safe combinations periodically, that they contain capital letters, small letters, numbers and symbols. In no case it uses his dates or names excellent, easy to obtain (ex date of birth).
  • It always updates, when it corresponds, its website, application or CMS (warm up to you, plugins, etc), to avoid that the security of their website is harmed.
  • It has social present that never we will ask for its passwords by email electronic, telephone or networks.

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