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Hosting with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a object-relational database management system, distributed under license BSD and with its source code available freely. It is the database management system of more powerful open code of the market.

In IroHanido we offer PostgreSQL in its last version, in all our plans of Hosting Linux, integrated in cPanel, next to phpPgAdmin to administer its data bases.

PostgreSQL uses a model client/server and uses multiprocesses instead of multithreadings to guarantee the stability of the system. A failure in one of the processes will not affect the rest and the system will continue working.

Next we indicated some functions for programming of PostgreSQL in IroHanido:

  • Functions/procedures stored in numerous programming languages, among others PL/pgSQL (similar to the PL/SQL of Oracle), PL/Perl, PL/Python and PL/Tcl.
  • Anonymous blocks of code of procedures (sentences DO).
  • Numerous possibility and data types of defining new types. In addition to the standard types in any data base, we have available, among others, geometric types, of network directions, of binary chains, UUID, XML and matrices.
  • He supports the storage of great binary objects (graphical, videos, sound).
  • APIs to program in C/C++, Java. Net, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, ODBC, PHP, Lisp, Scheme, Qt and many others.

It knows all our plans hosting Linux in the following connections:

Standard Hosting Linux (1GB to 5GB SSD + SSL free)

Hosting Linux Companies (8GB to 12GB SSD + SSL + IP Free dedicated)

Plans of hosting Linux include in addition data bases MySQL and MariaDB.

All our plans of hosting Linux include certificate SSL free.