hosting with LINQ

Hosting with LINQ

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a set tools of Microsoft .NET to realise all type of consultations to different sources from data, being used a type of own functions, who unifies the operations most common in all the surroundings, obtaining a same language for all type of tasks with data.

LINQ extends the language through the calls consultation expressions, that are similar to sentences SQL and can be used to properly extract and to process data of arrays, enumerables classes, XML documents, relational databases and sources of third parties. Other uses, that use expressions of consultation as general platform for the composition of more legible expressions, include the construction of managers of events.

LINQ is supported and Windows is included in all our plans of hosting:

Hosting Standard Windows (1GB to 5GB space SSD)

Hosting Windows Companies (8GB to 12GB space SSD)

Hosting Corporative Windows (16GB to 20GB space SSD)