how to contract

How to contract hosting?

Next we detailed process to contract anyone of our plans of hosting.

In order to begin hiring process it selects the plan of hosting that it requires, clicking in the button To contract, located to a flank of the price of the product.

To form domain

It can register a new domain .com, .net, .org from $9,900 annual IVA incl., or form an existing domain, of his property, any extension (.cl, .com, etc) and later update his DNS.

To select cycle of invoicing

In this step it will have to select the cycle of invoicing, between quarterly (every 3 months), annual and biennial (every 2 years). The cycle of biennial invoicing owns a 20% of discount.

To select additional

Some of our plans own additional services that will have to select. For example, in all our plans of hosting Windows will have to select the version of SQL Server for its account.

In this step click confirms its hiring doing To buy.

Personal data

It completes all the asked for personal data. We recommend to enter an e-mail that operates outside the domain that will lodge in its account of hosting, to be able to contact to us before any incident.

Method of payment

It selects form of payment for his purchase, between Webpay (Credit card/Redcompra), Transference or bank deposit and Khipu.

To complete order

In order to complete his order or hiring it accepts our Conditions of use and it clicks in the button To complete Order.

In this step the system will take it to a safe page so that it completes his payment, the one that once completed will qualify immediately its new account of hosting. You will receive a mail of activation, the one that will contain all the data of necessary access and configuration.

He knows next all our plans hosting Windows and hosting Linux:

Hosting Windows (1 GB. to 5 GB. disc space)

Hosting Windows Companies (8 GB. to 12 GB. disc space)

Hosting Corporative Windows (16 GB. to 20 GB. disc space)

Hosting Linux (1 GB. to 5 GB. disc space)

Hosting Linux Companies (8 GB. to 12 GB. disc space)

Hosting eCommerce (Optimized for e-commerce)

Hosting WordPress (Optimized for WordPress)