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certificates SSL

New certificates SSL

We have improved our supply of certificates SSL, to be able to give the certificate that require our clients, to a low price.

In order to improve our supply we have been associated with two of the main actors of this industry: Symantec (Thawte and GeoTrust) and Comodo.

In IroHanido we commercialized the majority of certificates SSL available for our market: DV (Validation of domain), OV (Validation of organization), EV (Validation extended with green bar), Wildcard (Validation for subdomains), Multidominio and E-mail.

At the moment we offer certificates SSL of the evaluated and more powerful best brands in Internet security: Thawte, GeoTrust and Comodo, from only $19,900 annual IVA incl.

Constantly we are improving our prices and entering new certificates SSL to our supply, to be able to give to our clients the solution whom they require to a low guaranteed price.

It knows our certificates SSL available in the following connection: