Hosting Windows with 4.6

We integrate ASP.NET 4,6 in all our plans of hosting Windows, under Windows Server 2012.

With this integration, we have improved our supply in plans of hosting Windows, having supported the following versions of framework: ASP.NET 2,0, 3,0, 3,5, 4,0, 4,5, 4.5.1, 4.5.2 and 4.6

This update adds to our constant improvements applied in all our servers, giving a service of hosting of first category, high performance, updated and managing to maintain the best price with respect to our competitors in Chile.

Windows knows our plans hosting in the following connections:


Hosting Standard Windows: 1GB to 5GB disc space SSD

Hosting Standard Windows


Hosting Windows Companies: 8GB to 12GB disc space SSD

It includes dedicated IP and it has supported SAP Crystal Reports

Hosting Windows Companies


Hosting Corporative Windows: 16GB to 20GB disc space SSD

It includes dedicated IP, support SAP Crystal Reports and certificate SSL Thawte WebServer

Hosting Corporative Windows