Anti-Phishing: We protect its information

The Phishing term refers to the identity impersonation, that is committed by means of the use of social engineering, characterized to try to acquire confidential data of fraudulent form. Generally false websites of banks are copied, in order to obtain passwords and numbers of credit cards, to commit crimes and fraud.

In IroHanido we have reinforced our policies Anti-Phishing, integrating the new software, filters of security and an alliance with an important company of security of Internet at global level, that altogether to a good use on the part of our clients, will help to maintain a free space us of Phishing.

In IroHanido we did not tolerate practice some of Phishing, in all forms, lodged in our servers.

It is very important that our clients and each user of Internet are cautious at the time of sharing confidential information, especially with their Banks, at the time of realising payments or transactions.

Next we will indicate some simple advice:

1. - It never opens an e-mail of some bank, whom it indicates in the Subject that its account or card has been blocked.

2. - It never clicks in connections or images of an e-mail of some bank. Its Bank will only emit informative post office and it will never ask for his password or coordinates (Pinpass, Multipass, etc) by this means.

3. - Its direction of form enters the portal Web of its Bank writing manual in its navigator. It avoids to accede through connections.

4. - At the time of entering the portal of transactions of his Bank, make sure that the direction begins with HTTPS, accompanied of the name of its bank in a green bar in the navigator, this means that the site is safe and the information that interchanges will be based under strict safety measures. In this point it is very important to consider that it must appear the name of his Bank in a green bar, since this way will make sure that the website which it enters has been verified legally.

5. - It realises his banking transactions through his personal of computation and by equipment never shared equipment. It considers in addition to modify his passwords periodically.

It is responsibility of all to maintain a safe Internet.

We recommend to maintain the security of the data and transactions in its websites, with our powerful solutions of security:

Certificates SSL: It knows ours varied range certificates, all the categories and the brands of greater security and confidence at global level: Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL and Comodo:

Certificates SSL

Seals Anti Malware: It protects his websites with our powerful filters anti-malware before vulnerabilities and malicious content:

Seals Anti-Malware