Hosting Windows or Hosting Linux?

The operating system that you use in your computer does not have to determine your election since all the plans of hosting of IroHanido offer access FTP and an ample range of options to publish your Web, independent of your operating system. Thus, if your computer works under Microsoft Windows, it does not mean that obligatorily you must choose by hosting Windows. Hosting Linux will work just as hosting Windows.

The right option chooses

Ten in account the tools and the language script that you glide to use; if you use PHP or MySQL next to different programs from software, hosting Linux is your election. If the applications that you try to use are specific of Microsoft, as ASP.NET or SQL Server, then clearly the adapted one is hosting Windows. In any case, it verifies all the functions that each plan of hosting includes and you will discover the different forms that you must to take your Web to Internet.

About Hosting Windows

Microsoft facilitates diverse degrees of design and management using the philosophy “drag-and-drops” (to drag & to drop), through NET of Framework and SharePoint. This way, Windows presents an advantage in which to integration of Microsoft applications it talks about, at the time of designing your Web. For that reason, if you prefer to create your own website with applications Windows such as Frontpage or to program in ASP, your election is oriented towards the version of hosting Windows.

Windows also presents advantages if you have thought to incorporate data bases to your Web. The smaller time of development and the best integration of functionalities characteristic of Windows, they suppose a real advantage for users who wish to add data bases to their Webs.

Windows knows here our plans hosting

About Hosting Linux

When we spoke of hosting, Linux is considered as the best operating system for Web servers. Characterized by its reliability, stability and effectiveness, Linux has been proven in the most demanding surroundings of Web servers and mail.

If you have intention to program in language PHP, Perl, Python, to use data bases MySQL or to install a program of management of content as WordPress, Mambo or Joomla, Linux it is the rightest election. Linux is equally appropriate for sites that offer the interaction of the user by means of forms, buys online and other functions of electronic commerce.

At the time of adding to your Web another type of ready applications to use, as blogs, systems of content management or forums, Linux facilitate the integration to you of applications since it owns a public license, whereas Windows is based on resources with payment licenses.

It knows here our plans hosting Linux

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