Hosting with LINQ

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a set tools of Microsoft .NET to realise all type of consultations to different sources from data, being used a type of own functions, who unifies the operations most common in all the surroundings, obtaining a same language for all type of tasks with data.

LINQ extends the language through the calls consultation expressions, that are similar to sentences SQL and can be used to properly extract and to process data of arrays, enumerables classes, XML documents, relational databases and sources of third parties. Other uses, that use expressions of consultation as general platform for the composition of more legible expressions, include the construction of managers of events.

LINQ is supported and Windows is included in all our plans of hosting:

Hosting Standard Windows (1GB to 5GB space SSD)

Hosting Windows Companies (8GB to 12GB space SSD)

Hosting Corporative Windows (16GB to 20GB space SSD)

Harnessed plans of hosting

We have harnessed all our infrastructure of hosting Windows and hosting Linux, including great improvements in all our services.

Improvements in security:

  • Protection against attacks improved
  • New and more powerful filter anti malware
  • New policy of encriptada connection FTP and smtp

Improvements in yield:

  • We increase to the limits of memory and resources of all our servers
  • New and more efficient configuration of breaks for a speed of load superior

New products:

  • We wear for the first time our new plans of hosting Windows: Corporative, with great space in disc, IP, data bases SQL limitless Server and MySQL dedicated including, support SAP Crystal Reports and certificate SSL Thawte gratuitous WebServer with validation full company, between its main characteristics. It knows our Hosting plans here Corporative Windows.

Certificate SSL free:

These great improvements are part of our constant commitment to give a service of hosting of high confiablidad, developed for the growth of their business.

Hosting Linux with certificate SSL free

From now on all our plans of hosting Linux include certificate SSL free pre installed in their account.

With this certificate SSL you will be able to use https:// for his main domain (with and without www.) and this way encriptar the information that manages its website, increasing his level of security, which gives a greater confidence towards its users or clients and at the same time improve their positioning in Google.

This certificate SSL is free and pre installed in its account of hosting Linux is included, reason why it does not require any type of installation or additional configuration.

The following plans of hosting include Certificate SSL free pre installed:

Standard Hosting Linux

Hosting Linux Companies

Hosting WordPress

New Hosting WordPress

We present our new plans of hosting WordPress, in servers cloud, with hardware and software optimized to execute WordPress.

Our plans of hosting WordPress are supported in servers cloud with Litespeed Web server and CloudLinux, with optimizations of greater yield than hosting standard, necessary to execute WordPress with the technical benefits that this it requires.

Our plans include cPanel, a powerful Control Panel, where in addition it will be able of an easy form and intuituva, to install, to update or to eliminate its site in WordPress.

In IroHanido we monitored pro actively our service of hosting WordPress, to detect any threat or vulnerability, maintaining the security, trustworthiness and yield of the service.

Our plans of hosting WordPress include Patchman, powerful tool that malware detects and eliminates automatically or any other threat or attempt of attack.

Additionally incluímos a certificate SSL free, pre installed in anyone of our plans of hosting WordPress, to use its website with encriptado “https” and to offer major confidence and security to its users or clients.

It knows our new plans hosting WordPress in the following connection:

How to change to IroHanido?

In IroHanido we counted on gratuitous service of migration, to transfer his account from his previous supplier of simple form, realised by one of our technicians and without additional cost.

In order to begin it must realise the hiring of his plan of hosting, choosing between anyone of our categories available:

Hosting Standard Windows

Hosting Windows Companies

Hosting Corporative Windows

Standard Hosting Linux

Hosting Linux Companies

Hosting eCommerce

Hosting WordPress

*Servicio of migration does not apply for servers VPS.

Once its service of hosting has been qualified will have to open a ticket of Request of Migration, completing all the asked for data, of the account that wishes to migrate.

It clicks here to open a ticket of Request of Migration.

When being confidential data east is only the average one by which we will receive its information.

Once we receive its information will be come to realise backup complete of the origin account, moment at which one of our technicians will be put in touch with you to complete the process of migration of account.

When completing this procedure we will send a temporary connection so that it can verify the correct operation of his website before making specific the change of DNS of his domain.

In order to complete the migration of its account it will be necessary to modify the DNS of its domain, from the Control Panel of its recorder.

This process is realised within 24 hours since its ticket is received.

If it has doubts contact to us here clicking


Domains .LTDA for its company

It improves the image of his company with a domain .LTDA, restricted for companies of Limited Responsibility, in Chile and Latin America, which guarantees its visitors whom behind its domain a real company exists.

With a domain .LTDA it gives confidence and security to its clients and at the same time improves its positioning search in Google.

Annual IVA registers its domain .LTDA for its company by $36,900 incl.

Click registers its domain here doing

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

All our plans of Hosting Windows include remote access SQL, which will allow him to connect remotely to its data base SQL Server through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is integrated surroundings to obtain access, to form, to control, to administer and to develop all the components of SQL Server. SQL Server Management Studio combines an ample group of graphical tools with a series of enriched publishers of script who allow to developer and administrators of all the levels to obtain access to SQL Server. The software developers obtain a familiar experience and the database administrators an only complete tool that combines graphical tools easy to use with enriched functions of script.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio can unload here from the website of Microsoft or clicking.

In order to know all our plans hosting Windows enters the following connections:

Hosting Standard Windows (1GB to 5GB)

Hosting Windows Companies (8GB to 12GB)

Hosting Premium Windows (16GB to 20GB)

Semi Dedicados Windows (25GB to 35GB)

crystal reports

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports, developed by SAP, is an application of enterprise intelligence used to design and to generate information from an ample range of sources of data (data bases).

Several applications, as Microsoft Visual Studio, include a version OEM of Crystal Reports as a tool of general intention for information and reports. Crystal Reports became the standard report writer when Microsoft released it with Visual Basic.

All our plans of Hosting Windows are designed to support Crystal Reports.

Reseller de Dominios

It obtains an account Reseller de Dominios next to his plan of Hosting Reseller free. With his account to reseller of domains it will be able to sell and to register names of domains to his final clients, under his own brand and with a 20% of discount of our prices of registry.