It knows our categories in Hosting Windows

In IroHanido we gave to solutions of Hosting Windows of high availability, with complete plans of hosting certificates by Microsoft and to the best guaranteed price. Our plans of hosting Windows have been designed to execute any application or website that it requires of this technology, with a high level of technical equipment that differentiates to us from our competition. All our plans include ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, MS Access, MySQL, Remote access SQL, ASP.NET MVC and Crystal Reports between their main characteristics, with plans multidomain, flexible and escalables; with great disc space, limitless resources and a technical support always available.

In IroHanido we have had three great categories to our plans of Hosting Windows:


Hosting Standard Windows

Shared Hosting, with plans of 1GB to 5GB of space in disc SSD. Better relation price-resources.

Hosting Windows Companies

Semi-dedicated Hosting, with powerful plans of 8GB to 12GB of space in disc SSD. It includes dedicated IP.

Hosting Corporative Windows

Semi-dedicated Hosting, with powerful plans of 16GB to 20GB of space in disc limitless SSD and resources. It includes dedicated IP and certificate SSL.


For greater information of ours hosting visits our website or asks for a quote to one of our advisers on watch.

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