It knows G Suite

G Suite (previously known as Google Apps for Work) is an enterprise set of tools of communication, storage and collaboration, that execute in the platform cloud of Google, designed to guarantee the security of the data, a productive communication within the company and a work in efficient equipment.

G Suite provides several products of Google with a name of customized domain by the client. The most common applications that it includes G Suite are the following:

Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentaciones and Sites, between the main ones, with 30GB of storage including by account.

In IroHanido we offer G Suite with a price from $5,450 /mes by account IVA incl., being able to contract from 1 counts, new or migrating from any previous supplier.

You will be able to form G directly Suite in our Control Panel, with the attendance that she requires at any moment.

We invited to him to know our plans G Suite in our website:

Use of obligatory certificate SSL

During the 2018 use of certificate SSL it will be obligatory for any website in Internet. Not to count on a certificate SSL it will be penalized by the navigators, web search engines and at the same time it will harm his organic positioning.

It knows and it acquires his certificate SSL in the following connection:

In IroHanido we offer plans of hosting Linux and hosting Windows with certificate SSL free and integrated. If its plan of hosting does not count on certificate SSL, it wishes to install one of majors benefits or if it has its website lodged with another supplier of hosting or servant, we invited to him to choose anyone of our certificates SSL, between our ample range of options, adaptable to any necessity.

Between our options we counted on the following categories:

Certificates SSL DV: High level of surely standard coding and validation of domain. Economic and without additional requirements.

Certificates SSL OV: High level of surely high coding, with validation of domain and organization.

Certificates SSL EV: High level of coding surely carries far, with extended validation, of domain and organization. It includes green bar.

Certificates SSL Wildcard: High level of surely standard coding and validation of domain. It includes certificate for all subdomains.

Certificates SSL Multidominio: Solution to include multiple domains in a single certificate SSL.

At the moment we offer certificates SSL of the brands of greater confidence to the best guaranteed price:

Comodo, RapidSSL, Thawte, GeoTrust and Symantec.

It begins to use HTTPS in his website, increases his security, it improves the level of confidence for his clients, it improves its positioning in Internet and it avoids to be penalized by navigators and web search engines.

It knows and it acquires his certificate SSL in the following connection:

Hosting with ASP.NET MVC

In IroHanido we included support ASP.NET MVC in all our plans of Hosting Windows.

MVC (Model-Vista-Controller) it is a model of architecture of software, that separates the data and the logic of business of an application of the module and user interface in charge of managing the events and the communications. For it MVC on the other hand provide the construction of three components different that are the model, the view and the controller, that is to say, on the one hand define components for the representation of the information, and for the interaction from the user.

The frame of ASP.NET MVC provides an alternative to the model of forms Web Forms of ASP.NET to create applications Web. The frame of ASP.NET MVC is a frame of presentation of little complexity and easy to verify that, as the applications based on forms Web Forms, Integra with the existing characteristics of ASP.NET, such as masterful pages and the authentication based on property. The frame of MVC is defined in the assembled System.Web.Mvc.

We support the versions of ASP.NET MVC 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in all our plans of Hosting Windows:

Hosting Standard Windows (1GB to 5GB SSD)

Hosting Windows Companies (8GB to dedicated 12GB SSD + IP)

Hosting Corporative Windows (16GB to dedicated 20GB SSD + IP + Certificate SSL)

Hosting with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a object-relational database management system, distributed under license BSD and with its source code available freely. It is the database management system of more powerful open code of the market.

In IroHanido we offer PostgreSQL in its last version, in all our plans of Hosting Linux, integrated in cPanel, next to phpPgAdmin to administer its data bases.

PostgreSQL uses a model client/server and uses multiprocesses instead of multithreadings to guarantee the stability of the system. A failure in one of the processes will not affect the rest and the system will continue working.

Next we indicated some functions for programming of PostgreSQL in IroHanido:

  • Functions/procedures stored in numerous programming languages, among others PL/pgSQL (similar to the PL/SQL of Oracle), PL/Perl, PL/Python and PL/Tcl.
  • Anonymous blocks of code of procedures (sentences DO).
  • Numerous possibility and data types of defining new types. In addition to the standard types in any data base, we have available, among others, geometric types, of network directions, of binary chains, UUID, XML and matrices.
  • He supports the storage of great binary objects (graphical, videos, sound).
  • APIs to program in C/C++, Java. Net, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, ODBC, PHP, Lisp, Scheme, Qt and many others.

It knows all our plans hosting Linux in the following connections:

Standard Hosting Linux (1GB to 5GB SSD + SSL free)

Hosting Linux Companies (8GB to 12GB SSD + SSL + IP Free dedicated)

Plans of hosting Linux include in addition data bases MySQL and MariaDB.

All our plans of hosting Linux include certificate SSL free.


ASP.NET MVC is framework of applications Web that implements the landlord model-in view of-controller (MVC).

Based on ASP.NET, it allows the software developers to construct to an application Web as a composition of three functions: model, view and controller.

One of the basic pillars of ASP.NET MVC is the routing concept (routing), which allows the applications to accept requests to URL which they do not correspond with physical files in the servant.

In IroHanido we included ASP.NET MVC with its versions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in all our plans of hosting Windows.


For greater information Windows visits our plans of hosting:

Hosting Standard Windows (1GB to 5GB disc space)

Hosting Windows Companies (8GB to 12 GB disc space)

Hosting Corporative Windows (16GB to 20GB disc space)

Hosting with LINQ

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a set tools of Microsoft .NET to realise all type of consultations to different sources from data, being used a type of own functions, who unifies the operations most common in all the surroundings, obtaining a same language for all type of tasks with data.

LINQ extends the language through the calls consultation expressions, that are similar to sentences SQL and can be used to properly extract and to process data of arrays, enumerables classes, XML documents, relational databases and sources of third parties. Other uses, that use expressions of consultation as general platform for the composition of more legible expressions, include the construction of managers of events.

LINQ is supported and Windows is included in all our plans of hosting:

Hosting Standard Windows (1GB to 5GB space SSD)

Hosting Windows Companies (8GB to 12GB space SSD)

Hosting Corporative Windows (16GB to 20GB space SSD)