It knows G Suite

G Suite (previously known as Google Apps for Work) is an enterprise set of tools of communication, storage and collaboration, that execute in the platform cloud of Google, designed to guarantee the security of the data, a productive communication within the company and a work in efficient equipment.

G Suite provides several products of Google with a name of customized domain by the client. The most common applications that it includes G Suite are the following:

Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentaciones and Sites, between the main ones, with 30GB of storage including by account.

In IroHanido we offer G Suite with a price from $5,450 /mes by account IVA incl., being able to contract from 1 counts, new or migrating from any previous supplier.

You will be able to form G directly Suite in our Control Panel, with the attendance that she requires at any moment.

We invited to him to know our plans G Suite in our website:

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