Policies of Privacy

The following policies of privacy are directed to users and clients of IroHanido.

1. - Harvesting of information:

We collect exceeds you when it is registered in our site, it enters its account, it realises a purchase, participates in a contest and/or when it closes its session. The collected information includes its name, email address and phone number. In no case it includes data of his credit card.

In addition, we automatically received and we registered information on its computer and its navigator, including its direction IP, program and attributes of hardware, and the page that it asked for.

2. - Use of information:

Any information that we collected envelope you you can be used stops:

To personalize its experience and to respond to its individual needs.
To provide customized advertising content.
To improve our website.
To improve the service to the consumer and its needs of support.
To contact it by email electronic.

3. - Privacy of the electronic commerce:

We are the only proprietors of the information collected in this site. Its information of personal identification will not be sold, interchanged, transferred nor provided to any company of third parties for any reason, without its consent, unless it is necessary to fulfill a request and/or transaction, for example, to send an order.

4. - Spreading to third parties:

We do not sell, interchanged, nor transferred of no other way to external third parties their information of personal identification. This does not include reliable third parties that attend to us to operate our website or to take to end our business, whenever the parts accept to maintain this confidential information.

We think that it is necessary to share information to investigate, to prevent or to take measures with respect to illegal activities, fraud suspicions, situations that imply potential threats to the physical security of any person, violations of our terms of use, or that of another way is required by the law.

5. - Protection of information:

We implement different safety measures to maintain the security of its personal information. We use outpost encryption to protect confidential information transmitted in line. VpnMentor also protects its information connectionless to Internet. The employees who need to carry out a specific task (for example, the invoicing or attention to the client) only have access to the information of personal identification. The computers/used servers to store the information of personal identification are kept in safe surroundings.

We used cookies?

Yes. Our cookies improve the access to our site and identify the frequent visitors. What is more, our cookies improve the experience of the user doing a pursuit of their interests. Nevertheless, this use of cookies is not related of any way to any information of personal identification in our site.
6. - Desuscribirse:

We use the email address who you provided to send information and updates to him related to his order, the occasional news of the company, related product information, etc. If at some time you wanted to desuscribir yourself not to receive more future e-mails, we included detailed instructions to finalize the subscription on the foot of each mail.

7. - Consent:
When using our site, you offer his consent to our policy of privacy.