Conditions of the Service

The transactions realised through HOSTCHILE.CL and the buyer understood as “client”, exclusively are in force by the present Terms and Conditions of Use, subjects to the present legislation of the Republic of Chile, having in consideration the dispositions of the Chilean Codes Civil and Commerce.
The present Terms and Conditions of Use identify as electronic supplier to CERTIWEB E.I.R.L., that offers and gives their services through their website HOSTCHILE.CL and CERTIWEB.CL. In order to contact to CERTIWEB E.I.R.L the email address can use, or to telephone number +56933500005. For commercial or technical support post sale will have to use anyone of the channels of attention available in HOSTCHILE.CL
If the client is not in agreement with these Conditions, she will have to abstain to realise some purchase in website HOSTCHILE.CL.
The fact that a client carries out a transaction or participates in the site, she means that he accepts and she recognizes as valid the dispositions of HOSTCHILE.CL established in the Terms and Conditions of Use.
In case of contracting the services of HOSTCHILE.CL, the client it declares to fulfill the majority of age established by the Chilean law. Thus, HOSTCHILE.CL reserves the right to admit and to expire accounts of clients who do not fulfill requisite saying, as well as, of all individual that enters any deception in our registries of inscription.
The prices published in website HOSTCHILE.CL are in Chilean pesos. All the published values have considered the Tax to Valor Agregado (IVA) established by the Service of Internal Taxes of the Republic of Chile.
HOSTCHILE.CL reserves the right to modify the values or products without needing informing to their clients. In the cases in that a conducted purchase exists already, HOSTCHILE.CL will respect the existing indications at the time of the execution of the transaction. At any moment and circumstance will be respected the price fixed at the moment at which the client realised hiring through HOSTCHILE.CL, unless the client asks for change of plan or the price of this is inferior to the fixed one at the time of executing the transaction.
All publicity realised or shown through HOSTCHILE.CL will respect the principles of Veracity, Good Faith, Worthy Treatment, Sufficiency, Integration to the Contract and Free Navigation.
The promotions that are published with respect to a product will have validity while therefore it is stipulated and noticeable and will be identified as so.
The orders will be initiated by the client emitting a request of the purchase realised through website HOSTCHILE.CL in which will specify products to buy and the period of purchase.
When realising the client this order of purchase is declaring the proceeding as valid, that is to say, this means the manifestation of will in front of a contract with HOSTCHILE.CL. All the orders are subject to the acceptance on the part of HOSTCHILE.CL.
Each order of purchase owns an identification unique number denominated “number of order”.
The products acquired through HOSTCHILE.CL will activate once verified the 100% of the payment.
HOSTCHILE.CL reserves the right to modify any information contained in this website, including the related ones to services, prices, existence and conditions, at any time and without previous warning.


Forms of payment

HOSTCHILE.CL only offers and accepts the following forms of payment:
1. - Banking transference: Against the account current of indicated Bank Been at the time of selecting this form of payment at the time of completing transaction.
2. - Bank deposit: Against the account current of Banco Santander indicated at the time of selecting this form of payment at the time of completing transaction.
3. - Webpay Extra: This form of payment allows to use any banking debit or credit card (Redcompra) emitted in Chile. For credit the client will be able to select to counted payment in 1 quota or quotas commerce according to contract that maintains with its Bank of origin. Any data of credit card, as its Name, Number, Date of victory or CVC will be asked for only through the platform of Webpay Extra of Transbank or our Flow operator, under strict norms of security and privacy.
4. - Khipu: This form of payment allows to realise payment through safe banking transference.
5. - Multibox: This form of payment allows to realise payment of actual form in any adhered Multicaja commerce.
6. - Order of purchase: This form of payment allows to use an Order of purchase to 30 days, previous acceptance on the part of HOSTCHILE.CL.

Legal conditions

FIRST: The present contract regulates the relations between HOSTCHILE.CL and the clients of its service of Hosting.
SECONDLY: When acceding to HOSTCHILE.CL the Hosting service the client declares to have read completely all the clauses of this contract and she is commited according to the indicated thing in each of them.
THIRD PARTY: The client declares to be adult in agreement with the Chilean law. HOSTCHILE.CL reserves the right to expire the service to those clients who do not meet this condition, or who will have given any type of deception at the time of acceding to the present service of Hosting.
QUARTER: When acceding to HOSTCHILE.CL the Hosting service, also call website or lodging, the client will count on a site in the servers who HOSTCHILE.CL arranges to the effect. The service of Hosting will grant under the modalities and conditions that are indicated in the following clauses.
FIFTH: The client declares to know the service of contracted Hosting, which has as basic nature the following points:
A Virtual Hosting of domain or also Hosting call or Web Hosting, that in its denomination in the English language, means that the domain will share the resources of a servant with other clients who own a service of characteristic similars or equals.
By virtue of the indicated thing in the previous point, the client understands that the servers in which will stay provided with accomodations its name of domain could not be modified, by this, cannot be asked for change some in the servant or in his physical structure as logic, in regard to which this could affect the performance of the servant or bother other users who enjoy the same service.
If the name of respective domain needed modification variables or would have an excessive use of resources of a servant, the client understands that she would have to decide on another service different from the modality of Virtual Hosting or Virtual Hosting, as service of servant dedicated for its domain or another similar, in regard to the damage that the domain could cause to third parties that are provided with accomodations in the same servant.
SIXTH: Excepted the events indicated in the following clauses, HOSTCHILE.CL, he commits himself to provide an optimal, continuous and stable service, and to solve, in a term nonsuperior to 48 hours, any type of misfortune or problem that are of their exclusive position.
SEVENTH: To HOSTCHILE.CL, some in case of happening anyone of the following facts or events will not be able to be attributed to him to responsibility:

You cut of the electrical provision caused by the electrical companies;
Earthquakes that they prevent to give an optimal and complete service;
Fires generated in the dependencies of HOSTCHILE.CL or their operating partners, by causes nonimputable to this one;
You cut of international or national connections provided by companies Internet suppliers;
Use on the part of third parties of the access accounts;
Attacks of Hackers to the systems;
Delay in the crossing of the DNS of the company previous to HOSTCHILE.CL, if so; and
Any fact or accident derived from act of God or greater force.

EIGHTH: The client is the only person in charge of the use of his account and data of access. HOSTCHILE.CL, does not become person in charge of the loss or gives to third parties, on the part of the client, of the information of their data of access, or by damages caused by evil use of this one.
NINTH: HOSTCHILE.CL will not have shared in common, subsidiary responsibility or of no other type, by the content of the information that the Client makes reside in or the servers who HOSTCHILE.CLtenga to the effect.
TENTH: It is prohibited the client to him to raise his account of hosting and/or to make reside in her archives contravening the law of intellectual property, any other law of the Republic, as thus also to raise and/or to make reside in his account of Hosting archives with material of pornographic type, I animated or that attempts against the moral, moral convention, the public order or that affects or can affect honour or causes or can cause damage to third parties.
ELEVENTH: In addition to the cases indicated in previous clause HOSTCHILE.CL the right is reserved to put term to the present contract and consequently to interrupt the Hosting service, without reimbursement of the phelp price, in case the client makes reside in his account of Hosting archives of type mp3 RealAudio, Vqf, Avi, or any other visual audio format, if they are unloaded in constant and abusive form causing problems in the speed of the service. Also the right of putting term to the present contract is reserved and consequently to interrupt the Hosting service, in case the client makes reside in his account of Hosting archives with a weight greater to 10 Megabytes each.
TWELFTH: For effects of the present contract, the act is understood by Spam “to send post office nonasked for to any person or adressee, contains this mail in its body, to be removed options or not”. One is strictly prohibited the Spam shipment from any account of mail lodged in the HOSTCHILE.CL servers. The fulfillment of this clause on the part of the client does not grant to HOSTCHILE.CL the right ipso facto to put term to the present contract, to expire the Hosting service and to eliminate the data of the client.
THIRTEENTH: The velar by the well-being and security of its systems is main preoccupation of HOSTCHILE.CL being able to realise in them, the updates that it considers necessary for this effect. Nevertheless, before realising any type of update to these systems, HOSTCHILE.CL, it will notify it to his clients with 48 hours of anticipation by means of publication in his website. It will be responsibility of the client, to inquire on the changes that introduce the servant of Hosting, the tools of these updates, with the intention of maintaining his sites with an updated code.
TENTH QUARTO: HOSTCHILE.CL will not be responsible for the changes or effects that the incorporated development tools in the updates to their systems, cause in the accounts of hosting of their clients. It will not be HOSTCHILE.CL obligation either to update or to change the codes of his clients.
DECIMO QUINTO: HOSTCHILE.CL will offer limitless traffic for the plans that correspond, whenever:
The client, when using his site of domain or its tools, makes an suitable use, nonexcessive, of the resources of the servant, so that they allow on-speed operation of this one.
The site of the client or its tools, uses a bandwidth, nonexcessive, that allows the on-speed operation of the servant and all the hosting shared provided with accomodations in him.
Any site that both fails to fulfill some of mentioned points, will not describe as apt lodging in a virtual servant of lodging Web or Hosting, having the client who to consider the hiring of a plan superior or a dedicated service of hosting or housing.
SIXTEENTH: HOSTCHILE.CL does not allow to lodge more of a website by each contracted account, is worth to say, each domain provided with accomodations in our systems must have a lodging contract (Hosting), unless the service of hosting contracted therefore arranges it.
DECIMO SEPTIMO: In case the client occupies a greater amount of Megabytes, Gigabytes or units of measurement of storage device and storage capacity, that the indicated one for the price contracted by the client in the official page of HOSTCHILE.CL, the additional cost stipulated to him in the same page will be received.
EIGHTEENTH: HOSTCHILE.CL reserves the right to expire the Hosting service, without right to reimbursement of the phelp price, in case the client incurs one or more of the following conducts.

To occupy the account as system of endorsement of information. Being allowed only the one that concerns the operation of the site.
To install tools or codes that present security problems which they can jeopardize on-speed operation of the servant.
To compile or to make run any type of program or software of type hacker, nuke, exploit, or other who attempts against the good operation of our servers or third parties.
To occupy the accounts to use any type of SOFTWARE IRC, BOT, BOUNCERS and similars. Also based on servant (IRCD).
To realise Phishing, hacking, from websites or accounts of hosting in HOSTCHILE.CL
To reside sharewares, we give, betas, alphas or other programs in disobedience to the law of intellectual property. Also strictly it is prohibited to reside archives of type crackers, serial, and similars.
To reside type archives sucks, romz, emulators and similars.
To keep games muds, games, games telnet, patches for games or others.
To use the accounts with aims to publish information related to ANIMATES and similars.
To make use of our servers to realise REAL STREAMING, similar SHOUTCAST, and systems.
To send e-mails with malicious content.
To send e-mails of type Spam already defined previously.
To resell, to yield or to serve from HOSTCHILE.CL to third people or others without the previous consent of the company.
To publish information that of some form attempts against the HOSTCHILE.CL image or they impute to this company any type of calumnies or similars.
One is surrounded in compromising situations with the courts of justice, public ministry or the police.

NINETEENTH: Service of Hosting the Client is hereby commited to pay to HOSTCHILE.CL, the tariff published in its official page. The payment will have to carry out it at the time of contracting the service and before the date of victory to the renovation of the contract, which will be monthly, quarterly, semester, annual or biennial; following the contracted modality of time. In case of blackberry or simple retardation in the payment of the contracted service, HOSTCHILE.CL will be able to suspend the service, coming to their replacement, only once phelp all the pending positions owed by the client. The blackberry of the client during the term of 20 days followed, will give right HOSTCHILE.CL ipso facto to put term to the present contract, to expire the Hosting service and to eliminate the data of the client, within who it is included: post-office box, data bases, webpage and any information that the client is making reside in the HOSTCHILE.CL servers.
TWENTIETH: HOSTCHILE.CL, will issue to the client the respective electronic invoice by the contracted service, in a maximum term of 5 days run, after receiving the corresponding payment. The client, when contracting the service of hosting of HOSTCHILE.CL, accepts to receive an electronic invoice, sent by email or some other electronic means, remembering that these documents have the same legal validity that those of traditional paper, for all the effects.
VIGECIMO FIRST: The present service will last monthly, quarterly, semester, annual or banual, following the contracted modality of time. However, anyone of the parts will be able to put term to him declaring its will in such sense, through a communication written dispatched to the other with an anticipation of at least 5 working days.
VIGECIMO SECOND: In case the client puts advance term to the present contract, HOSTCHILE.CL will not realise returns of money by concept of the price phelp by the client. , That the decision of the client is due to the breach on the part of HOSTCHILE.CL of its obligation to grant an optimal service, continuous and except stable according to indicated in the clause the sixth precedent.
VIGECIMO THIRD PARTY: HOSTCHILE.CL reserves the right to modify the legal and commercial conditions of the service indicated in the present instrument, having to notify these modifications to the client, by means of letter in writing sent by email electronic.
TWENTY FOURTH: Taken care of the fact diverse legal appellant that in many occasions that the present contract accepts is a natural person or of whom indeed the service pays and to that really the respective invoices extend to him, it is left it indeed express certainty that stop the effects of this contract will be considered as titling of the same and therefore of the services contracted this last one.
Of conformity to the established thing in article 12 To of Law 19,496 of the Republic of Chile, that Establishes Norms On Protection of the Rights of the Consumers, HOSTCHILE.CL will send written confirmation to be effective the present contract to the electronic direction that the client registered at the time of acceding to the service of Hosting. This confirmation will be sent with a copy of the present attached contract in activation mail on watch.